Tour #11: Home Layout Tours

Friday, August 20, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM Tour Price: $40 

This is a tradtional home layout tour and will visit 3-5 homes of our members with operating layouts. For this tour we will utilize smaller buses to shuttle smaller groups of attendees to the member home layouts in rotation. These smaller buses will not be equipped with restroom facilities. It is advised that attendees visit a restroom prior to tour departure. Only one of the home layouts will accommodate restroom visitation. Also, two of the home layouts are located on upper levels of the homes, and there is no ADA compliance (no elevators or ramps). At these homes, tour attendees will need to be able to climb stairs on their own without assistance. If you are unable to manage stairs or walk up a hill on your own, please do not register for this tour.

Tour includes: Round-trip motorcoach transportation.

Special Wear: None

ADA Compliant: